About Us

Founded in 2008, the mission of Good Neighbor Project is to offer hands-on education, employment supports, and other events and activities that build life skills and improve the quality of life for inner city youth and families in communities in and around the bay of San Diego.

The Good Neighbor Project’s education and employment support program serves children, youth, families and veterans using hands-on events, educational programs, and community outreach to inspire positive, social interaction with family and neighbors. Services are designed to improve confidence, support the development of trusting relationships and improve connections with the community. Annually the program serves 3,500 youth and families. Anticipated outcomes include improved confidence, improved knowledge of community resources and obtaining or maintaining employment.

To address the needs of individuals and families in the communities around the Bay of San Diego, the Good Neighbor Project uses hands-on fishing events, educational programs, community outreach and mentoring programs to improve skills and inspire positive, social interaction with family and neighbors.

Through interaction with mentors, other youth and family, participants improve confidence, build long-lasting relationships with peers and adults and build skills to support increasing employment income and self-sufficiency. Good Neighbor Project’s embraces a philosophy that: 

  • Provides clear and consistent rules and expectations and safe peer group interaction to encourage trusting relationships
  • Offers structure that is developmentally appropriate
  • Encourages supportive relationships and opportunities to belong
  • Extends opportunities to serve the community and build skills
  • Integrates family, schools, and community



Collaborative partners help to maximize resources, avoid duplication of services and ensure project success. Below are collaborating partners and their role with the program

  1. California Department of Fish and Wildlife: this state agency collaborates with the Good Neighbor Project to provide information and education to participants on the educational fishing trips.
  2. Hope Horse Ranch: this nonprofit organization provides equine training and therapy to at risk adolescents and adults in need physically, socially and economically. Good Neighbor Project provides two outings of youth to Hope Horse Ranch annually.
  3. San Diego County Probation Department: this county agency supervises adult and juvenile offenders and providing positive alternatives to crime. Good Neighbor Project coordinates fishing trips for youth currently under the supervision of the department.
  4. San Diego Unified School District: is one of the top large urban school districts in the United States and is the second largest school district in California. Good Neighbor Project actively collaborates with several schools including:
  • Perkins
  • Balboa
  • Burbank
  • Chavez
  • Emerson/Bandini
  • Rodriguez
  • Sherman

Good Neighbor Project also partners with the Marcy High School who provides rehabilitation and alternative high school for students whose underlying mental health issues impede their ability to benefit from an education within a comprehensive school setting.

  1. Sweetwater Union High School District, Division of Adult Education hosts the annual Workforce of the Future event where Good Neighbor Project provides access to employment related education and resources.
  2. San Diego Workforce Partnership works with Good Neighbor Project to identify youth to participate in internships provided by their organization.
  3. SER Jobs for Seniors: this organization partners with us to train their seniors to become office support staff and educational interns.
  4. The Good Neighbor Project is registered with Community Resource Directory– referrals are received from the Community Resource Directory which provides rehabilitative services to adult and juvenile probationers to reduce recidivism.